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My name is Tim McClendon, and I have served as United Methodist clergy for over thirty years in the South Carolina Conference.  I’m currently living in Aiken, SC, where I’ve been appointed Senior Pastor of St. John’s UMC which is a vibrant thriving church. Its website is http://www.stjaiken.org.

I’m also a husband, dad, and grandpa (“Mac Mac”); a lover of the outdoors, camping, and especially Mt. Mitchell and the New River of Western North Carolina; and of course a potter.

I’ve had a connection to clay-working since childhood through historic Edgefield pottery, and over the years I’ve thrown pottery as a hobby, semi-professionally, and in ministry settings. Thank you for visiting the blog, and by all means subscribe or comment.

16 thoughts on “About Tim

    1. You can go to my Facebook page and look at Christmas Photos for several years. I used to be in a number of shops but now give pieces at Xmas to all my clergy, the cabinet, everyone in UM Center and family. It’s a great joy isn’t it? I learned when a child from my mixed blood father.

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  1. I wish that my local church understood that all of us are real. I know you will be an asset on the Religion and Race Committee. I am attempting to become chair of R & R at my local church. Thank you for meeting with me recently, and thank you for participating In Truthful Tuesday. Continue to pray for our church.

    Delaine and I love our candles, but hers smells better than mine. Now I have evidence that she is you r favorite sister:))

  2. Sir, I was born and raised in Columbia. Actually, born in Columbia and raised in Cayce. I have lived in more than 20 countries during the 12 years I lived outside the USA and of all the blogs I have read I most identify, appreciate, and applaud yours.

    1. Thank you, Frank – high praise and hope that you have a great day! tim

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      1. Hello, Dr. McClendon,

        We apologize for missing your send off, but we had an HOA on that day out here in The Oaks of Lake Carolina, and I, Beverly, am on the Board of Directors.

        Will you be at the conference office this week?

        We are going to miss you, but can always visit; further, Hipp promises to bring you back to terrorize, I mean, teach layservants.

        Thank you for your leadership, compassion, and zeal for Christ and His church.

        With great love,
        Beverly and Delaine Frierson

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      2. God bless the Frierson Sisters! I will be in and out, tim

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  3. Dear Pastor McClendon,
    Are you perhaps related to the Rev. Jim McClendon, who taught at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, CA, about 30 years ago? He was one of my professors then.

    1. Mary, I don’t know Jim, but with our unusual name there’s only one common source in NC in the 1699’s so wayyyy… back we must be related in some way, and I’m honored! tim

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