The Right Person(s)


I’m just trying to wrap my mind around a couple of recent experiences. For one, we’ve been having a problem for months with the volume on our TV. We don’t watch much anyway so it hasn’t been a rush job, but now that Charge Conferences are over, it was time to get things straight. We do have our favorite shows: “House,” “No Ordinary Family,” “Chuck,” “Bones,” and the Hallmark Christmas stuff. Okay, I know – we’re sappy.
I had already called the cable company several times. Different story each time, different techniques, strategies to try and me very fearful that it wasn’t a cable company issue but a TV problem. I could just imagine having to unhook all the wires and try to haul it somewhere to get fixed and try to remember where to put the wires. So alas I called the cable company again. They set up a person to come and fix it or replace the box. They didn’t show and I didn’t care since we’d been living with the issue for awhile, but now with a little breathing space I cared enough to call again – the fourth time. I got this nice lady on the phone and she said she would reschedule someone to come out, but before she did it she wanted to try one more thing via the settings menu on the TV. Guess what? After numerous tries and wrong advice she knew exactly what to do. IT WORKS!!!
Then it has been the Christmas Rush with my pottery making for all my clergy, the other DS’, the Bishop, Extended Cabinet, everybody in the UM Center, plus family! My kiln elements have been taking a long time to fire things so I knew they were about shot, brittle, worn out – like me. And so like me in this condition, I took the kiln apart, had my new elements in hand for my L&L E23T and took all day one inch at a time pulling out bits of element wire with needle-nose pliers. Then I replaced the elements and couldn’t remember where the wires were supposed to go on the control panel. So what to do? I called Rob in Washington State, my L&L Guru. Again, the right person. In no time he had my 240 volts in the right place and offered a great suggestion: Next time take a digital picture before I start unplugging all the wires. It makes a great reference photo!
Well I’m thankful for both of these folks who were the right people at the right time to save me from my own devices, pun intended. Reminds me of Galatians 4:4 and Advent: “At just the right time, God sent His Son…” I’m grateful.