Saddle Up Your Horses!

I presided over my last set-up meeting as a District Superintendent last night and now it’s Wednesday. What shall I do with my time today or for the next 15 years of available ministry as an active Elder in the UMC? It feels like a hurdle has been crossed. What to do with this feeling? Go out with a whimper or a bang? Wednesday – Hump Day, middle of the week, a little past the downhill slide to the end of the week, or the moment when we start salivating over a gloriously anticipated weekend. My weekdays can be filled with unexpected “God” moments or a countdown of the trivial and mundane. These are questions with larger answers for a lifetime. How do we run our race? Do we coast or catch a new gear? Do we relish new opportunities or get fixated on the finish line. Is it time for a victory lap, or a call to “Start your engines!”?

I can remember the times in my life when I have thought about the next phase or the finish line too much. When the kids get out of diapers we can save some money… out of braces… out of school… out on their own… or when their cars and student loans are paid off. Then you’re doing it for grandchildren! We are waiting for when we can finally scrape together enough nickels to pay off our credit cards, medical bills, and all our perceived necessities and “want-to’s.” It’s like living on the stressful edge of waiting for God to heal a loved one’s illness, to intervene and help us win the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes of life. It’s waiting, waiting, and more waiting for some magical threshold to be crossed so we can finally relax, sit on our duffs and read a book; waiting for life to be a Larry Levinson Hallmark Channel movie.

In all the waiting until such-and-such happens, I have succumbed to a world that’s still Waiting for Godot without appreciating the fact that God’s immediate presence is already here and now. I have said, in essence, “I’m not going to believe that God has shown up until I get what I want or what the world tells me that I need.” What a horrible way to live! No wonder we are so stressed, tired, and devoid of spiritual power. We’ve told God to wait until Friday or when we hit some mythical cosmic jackpot, and all the while God’s presence is here NOW!

My devotional this morning from Lead Like Jesus asked, “What are you doing today? Is your ‘to do’ list filled with the mundane or the extraordinary?” It then said, “As Christ’s followers, everything in our lives is changed by the overarching reality of Christ’s resurrection. Jesus turned a woman’s daily task of drawing water into a life-changing encounter, a little boy’s lunch into a miracle. He continues to intersect lives today just as He has done for thousands of years. Look for Him at work today, and follow where He leads. Be part of what He is doing in the world.”

Wow!  What a cure for my waiting sickness. Is my “to do” list filled with the mundane or the extraordinary? Does the reality of Jesus’ resurrection permeate my otherwise routine existence? If I really believe Jesus is alive then there’s no way that I can slow down, coast, live for the weekend, or the whatever. I can live for Jesus and every day becomes a God-filled adventure. Every day and every minute is an opportunity to do the profound and glory in the Risen Christ! Saddle up your horses!

8 thoughts on “Saddle Up Your Horses!

  1. Very goods thoughts. Very challenging words.

    You know, I love horses, I’m just not a big fan of riding them. They’re bumpy, you go up and down, they don’t always (usually) do what you want them to, they’re big… But when you get yourself settled on a horse and get into their rhythm, the ride can be exhilarating, even if you are a little sore afterwards. And the places they can take you…

    Kind of like trusting God for tomorrow, in the midst of today, with the unknown and the hoped for.

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