Narcie Needs Prayer!

I try to write a weekly blog as a part of my spiritual disciplines, but just before Easter I was knocked into silence by personal events. Two weeks ago we learned that our daughter Narcie McClendon Jeter was going to face more uncertainty with a brain tumor. Narcie is the United Methodist Campus Minister and Director at the Gator Wesley Foundation in Gainesville, Florida where she ministers to the students at the University of Florida and Sante Fe College. It is a marvelous ministry! I know that I am biased, but she is amazing, and she has an extraordinary family. She and Mike have been married for 11 years now and are parents of our grandchildren Enoch (5) and Evy (4). We love them so much!

Almost three years ago Narcie was diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma brain tumor. You can google it to find out the particulars because I’m not going to put into print the ominous facts and statistics. I am simply asking you to pray for Narcie, her precious family, and her students. I can feel the tears just at the brim as I write this, and for years I have ministered to people who have been through so much worse, but I’m a Daddy or “Padre” as Narcie calls me. It’s tough, but God is stronger than death, brain tumors, and whatever adversity we might face.

Now, I know facts are facts and that every medical statistic has exceptions. I also know that Narcie comes from good genetic stock of beating the odds. My Dad was given 6 weeks to 6 months to live when he was 48 as his cancer metastasized, and he lived for 38 more years! My most sincere prayer is, “Lord, Please do the same for Narcie. Please heal my daughter!” I want her to live a long full life that goes way beyond her 33 years.

It’s possible, and that’s why Dr. William Friedman, the Director of Neurosurgery at Shands-UF Medical Center, is going to operate on May 10. Please pray for him and all of those who will be working with Narcie to get rid of this thing. Pray for Cindy and me as we seek to support Narcie, Mike, and the kids. We know the facts, but faith is greater than facts. That’s the audacity of Easter! God doesn’t cause pain and suffering. God endures it and beats it. What God does is deliver us from death and the grave!

I know how much courage Narcie and Mike have, and I am astounded. I sense in them the reality of Romans 8:35-37: “Who shall separate us from love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? As it is written: ‘For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.’ No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Thank you for your prayers and support for Narcie. We trust in the Lord. All hail the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.


Narcie’s Blog is called “Blessings on the Journey” and is at

Check out her post on 3/28

71 thoughts on “Narcie Needs Prayer!

  1. “Heavenly Father, I come to you Lord, and I lift up Narcie to you now. Nothing is impossible for you Lord. Lord, I ask for you to touch Narcie right now with your Holy Spirit and Anointing. Lord, I apply the Blood of Jesus. The Healing Blood of Jesus being applied right now, Lord. You are a God of miracles. Lord, let your Kingdom come and your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. There is no sickness in Heaven so I am praying for the same to me manifested here on Earth with and through Narcie. Let it all be done for your Kingdom and your Glory Lord. Lord, I ask for your Holy Spirit to surround her now, In Jesus’ Name. I speak to the oligodendroglioma brain tumor within her and tell it to leave now, In Jesus’ Name. I am praying for her full recovery. Heavenly Father, I ask for your anointing to saturate her now, Lord, In Jesus’ Name. Come Holy Spirit, Come. Shalom! Shalom! Lord, I lift up Dr. William Friedman as well as the whole staff at Shands-UF Medical Center what are working with Narcie. Let your Shalom be upon Narcie and her family (Mike, Enoch and Evy). Lord, I also lift up Tim McClendon and his family to You. Lord, send Your Holy Spirit to supply exactly what he and his family needs each day through all of this. I speak “Shalom” into the situation Lord! Father, I pray this all for your Kingdom and Glory. More Lord, More… Touch them all now Lord…. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

  2. Beautifully written, my friend. I will be in constant prayer for all of you. I agree wholeheartedly that God does not cause suffering but is there to hold us in the palm of his hand to comfort us and heal us. Much love to all of you! Treva

  3. Romans 15:13 One of my favorite verses you shared when you were at FUMC Cheraw. May your days be filled with peace. Roger and Ruth Ann


  5. Thank you for sharing Tim. I have Narcie’s name on my prayer list and also on a prayer “post it” which is on my computer screen so that every time I check my mail I say a prayer for her to be surrounded with the light of Christ and be completely healed and well in every way.

  6. Tim, I have marked May 10 on my calendar and covenant to pray for Narcie, her family, her surgeon and all the healthcare staff every day.

    Lord, the Divine Physician, you are awesome in power. You are the God of all possibility. I humbly ask you to heal Narcie’s brain and may you alone receive credit and all glory to you, in the name of Christ. Amen.

    In His grace & peace,

  7. Tim –

    We, in your district, are praying for safe and healthy resolution to Narcie’s brain tumor. May the love of Christ continue to hold you and your family in his loving embrace.

    Mellanie Jinnette
    Trinity UMC, Blythewood

  8. Tim and Cindy, I am lifting Narcie in prayer everyday. May God bless all of you! God is good!

  9. Tim – I’ve been praying since Narcie posted her blog last week about this. My mother had to go to Shands for some treatment for a complicated issue and Shands handled it so well. It’s a wonderful facility and on the leading edge in so many areas. She is in good hands – and faith is stronger than facts any day. Narcie, you, and all the people who love and care for her are in my prayers – today, and especially on May 10 and the weeks following.

    1. Thanks, Meg – Very encouraging! tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 5:19 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  10. Dear Lord…As we come to you at this time, we pray that you will hold Narcie and her family a little closer and heal her body…Give her the strength and faith to get through this difficult time and we give you the glory for this blessing…Prayers & Love for everyone!!!

    1. Thanks, Dot, and Amen. tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 5:20 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  11. You all continue to be in our prayers. May God’s love embrace, comfort and sustain each of you for the journey ahead.

    1. Thanks, Tony and Mary! tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 6:22 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  12. Tim, I am praying for Narcie that God will bring healing. He spared me in 2008 from melanomia by the Doctor catching it very early and removing it all from my scalp when the Doctor’s didn’t know if they would get it all.

    1. Thanks, David, for the encouragement! tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 6:34 PM, “A Potter’s View”

    1. Thanks, Steve and Sandra. tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 6:54 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  13. Dora and I continue to pray for Narcie, Mike, Enoch, Evy, Cindy and you. We will make it a daily prayer.

  14. I have missed Narcie so much since she moved to Florida and me to Greenville,SC. She and her sweet family will always have a special place in my heart and in my prayers. We are offering up prayers for a successful surgery and God’s provision going forward. Lord, Hear our prayers.

  15. Lifting your family in prayer. I have personally witnessed God’s miracles (both my father and my son) and allow my faith to lead me. Only a child when you served my church family, but I am forever molded from my experiences with your family. Let go, Let God. God bless.

    1. Thanks so much, Shannon! tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 8:45 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  16. Tim and Cindy, our hearts break for you and for Narcie and her family! We remember that sweet dark haired little girl in Hartsville and then the beautiful teen in Cheraw. It is so hard to fathom what she has already been through and what is ahead. We pray for you all and for this young husband and her small children. May the grace of God hear the prayers of the faithful and give this young woman many more good years to do His service on this plane. God bless, Helen and Charlie Short

    1. Charlie, Thanks to you and Helen for your prayers! tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 8:58 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  17. Dr. Tim,
    So sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers will be Narci and with your family and the surgeon as you continue this journey. We miss you in Rock Hill, and think of you often. So glad i came across your blog. God Bless!

    1. Thanks, Pam, and miss y’all, too. Appreciate the prayers, tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 10:42 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  18. Tim,
    I have pray with the children at the Pre-School here at the church every day at 9:00am. You should see them all lift their hands when I ask for prayer request. We will all start praying for Narcie every day. We all know that their is power in prayer in numbers! That is exactly what we will be doing for Narcie and her family. Just know that you all are loved here at FUMC, Cheraw. I don’t think a week goes by that your name is not mentioned by someone at the church. Rest knowing that your family is covered with the power of prayer in Cheraw! Amen, in Jesus name.

    1. Thanks, Catrenna. God bless all of you at First, Cheraw. We miss you., tim

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 11:36 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  19. Oh, I am sorry..I got the university wrong on my request for prayer for Narcie. This is our devotional group we meet with every Tuesday and Thursday..know Narcie will be lifted in prayer at 7 am on those days. Our hearts and prayers are with you as you travel this path. Your faith and love are an example to all. Blessings to you and your family. Betsy and Gerry

    1. Betsy and Gerry, Thanks for your faithfulness and love! tim

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      On Apr 5, 2013, at 7:29 AM, “A Potter’s View”

  20. Prayers for Narcie, your family and Dr. Friedman. I constantly thank God for Dr. Roger Hudgins at Childrens Healthcare in Atlanta for saving our daughter. His best advice to me was “Pray”

  21. Prayers for the Jeter and McClendon families…praying for healing and peace. Never forget the lives you have touched with your astounding faith and love…and that includes mine!

    Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.
    Jeremiah 17:14

    Love in Christ from the Koon Family and the Alonso Family

    1. Lori, Thanks so much, and we miss you guys! tim

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      On Apr 5, 2013, at 9:15 AM, “A Potter’s View”

  22. Tim, in the midst of one of your greatest challenges ever thank you for your witness! You have clearly reminded your reader regarding the truth when life falls apart our Heavenly Father does not and as difficult as the trail may be we either don’t fall apart and/or if we do our LORD IS THERE to hold us through it all. There are numerous prayer groups whom will be in prayer for you, your family and most of all Narcie! Prayers, Blessings and Love!!!

    1. Robert, Thank you so much! tim

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      On Apr 5, 2013, at 4:50 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  23. Tim: Martha and I will pray for Narcie and all her loving family. May 10 is now marked on our calendar. For sure, nothing will separate Narcie from the love of God as well as the love of many, many people.

    1. Thank you so much, Bill. You were a great mentor for Narcie. god bless you and Martha, tim

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      On Apr 5, 2013, at 8:20 PM, “A Potter’s View”

      1. Should have been big “G” GOD! tim

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        On Apr 5, 2013, at 8:22 PM, “A Potter’s View”

    1. Thanks, Barry, for the prayers! Miss y’all, too. tim

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      On Apr 6, 2013, at 10:12 AM, “A Potter’s View”

  24. My prayer are with you and your family. My multiple myeloma has returned and I will begin treatment after two years of remission. Prayer works. The faith of believers will get us through if we focus on His will be done.

    1. God bless you with healing, Leon , and thanks for the prayers! tim

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      On Apr 7, 2013, at 11:02 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  25. Tim,
    Hearing this news broke my heart again as it did the first time. I can’t imagine what this must be like for you and Cindy. The Jeters are such a lovely family and this news truly is heartbreaking. I will be praying for a successful surgery on the 10th of May as well as strength for you and Cindy and Mike. Sara and I have not only much regard for your family as colleagues, we love all of you as well. We will be praying for victory–“Victory in Jesus, my Savior forever.”

    1. Thanks so much, Steve! tim

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      On Apr 8, 2013, at 3:37 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  26. Narcie holds a special place in my heart. She was one of my senior English students at Cheraw High many years ago, and she’s the kind of student a teacher never forgets : kind, conscientious, enthusiastic, and simply full of inner joy. I will certainly pray for her, her family, and the doctors who will be operating.

    1. Thank you, Carolyn! tim

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      On Apr 8, 2013, at 6:57 PM, “A Potter’s View”

  27. Tim,
    We as fathers are so helpless when our children hurt and we can’t fix it. We will pray to the one Father that can heal, that can bring peace and take Narcie under His wing. Our Band of Brothers here at St John’s will be in prayer for Narcie, the doctors and all the family for we know its power well!

  28. Tim, Floyd & I will be on a cruise (for all I have been through with the surgery & blood clott) when Narcie has her surgery, but have been praying since I read about her future surgery. When our children r hurt, we as parents do not take it too well. Hope there is some way to check on her while on the ship (carnival!!)Know Cindy & Mike r beside themselves, as well as u. God be with u all & give u the strength u need at this time.
    Love in Christ Floyd & Becky Hughes

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