Jesus’ Coming: Mall or Stall

Jesus’ first Advent and second have a little in common but the finale is quite different! Jesus’ arrival as a baby is without too much fanfare, but, if you count the angelic chorus, star, and eastern potentates, it’s pretty awesome. He’s born in a stable because there’s no room in the Ritz. So not much glitz and glamour with the first Advent, but with his Second Coming it’s going to be a worldwide “Wow!” If it happens at Christmas season I wonder if we’ll notice. We’re so caught up in his first coming that I wonder if we’ll miss the second one.

Someone sent me an email that posted the mystery and surprise of both of Christ’s Advents. It’s helped me look for the “Wow!” of Jesus’ coming. So as you ponder hitting the mall and trying to finish up the mad dash to Christmas this week don’t forget the subtle yet profound declaration that Jesus is the One who came and is coming. Imagine as you watch the following video the surprise and glory of both Advents!

 Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus – Must See!

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