Carlee’s Eulogy


The word “Eulogy” means “Good Word.” A number of you have asked if I might share the eulogy I wrote for my brother, Carlee. As a person who often finds great comfort in the part of the Apostles’ Creed that declares that “I believe in the Communion of Saints,” then this eulogy is an ode to that belief. We are an Easter people and our resurrection hope is not in vain.

As we share the stories of people they remain alive in our hearts and actions. Holy Communion is called an “anamnesis,” or to “remember.” This morning I remember my brother and others, and I hope this spurs you to write down your thoughts and reflections about those who have gone before you. The remembrance of the past gives meaning and content for the present and future.

Take time today to think about the people you most admire and write their biography. It will be a “good word,” a eulogy. Everyone needs to be remembered.
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