Yo-Yo & JoJo

> Okay, I’m a human yo-yo about JoJo. “JoJo” is what Cindy’s Daddy called Narcie and sometimes we do it, too. In the back and front of my mind is Narcie and praying without ceasing for her, Mike, Enoch, and Evy. Hey, she’s going to get back to preaching this Sunday. She’s a great preacher – personal, insightful, a regular Harper Lee as in To Kill a Mockingbird. She preaches the contemporary service at St. John’s UMC, Fort Mill, the same service where Mike is employed to do the music. Wow, is he great with music. I am amazed at his talent and feel for music. It shows! Narcie does the service as a part of the 10 hrs. that an Elder can spend outside her/his appointment. She gets some pay, but mostly St. John’s gives a pretty large donation to the Winthrop Wesley Foundation. It all pans out, and they’re okay when she’s off on a Wesley trip or Campus Ministry event.

Anyway, back to the yo-yo image. You just saw it in action. I’m writing as if nothing has changed about Narcie, but if you read her latest blog about the Tumor Board’s report – nothing will ever really be the same, except GOD. Those of you who have been juggling bad and worse news, plus trying to live a “normal” life have my utmost esteem. I know how you do it, though. I’ve seen you and heard you. Jesus is very real when you’re in the crucible. Ask Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. So at points I’m able to concentrate on whatever task is at hand, and then just below the surface or on the surface is our family’s new reality. That’s the way it is. We’ll control what we can, and give all the rest to God. It is all beyond my reasoning and fix-it mentality. I will trust and will breathe. Hey, I just remembered the Latin motto of the state of South Carolina, Dum Spiro Spero, “While I Breathe I Hope!” Not bad for a state that surely needs hope. Look at that flag. Gamecock fans ought to know about hope in the midst of ambiguity.

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