Places in the Heart


Well, it was more than a little weird being in & out at Annual Conference, but I felt like everywhere we’ve been these past days the Connection went with us. So, I might not have been with y’all as much as normal on my short parliamentarian leash, but y’all have certainly been with us. I’ve heard word from other annual conferences where they specifically lifted Narcie up in prayer and I’m so grateful. I’ve heard from colleagues from around the world and I want to hug each one of you.

It was good to be at Annual Conference this morning as our son, Josh, a Provisional Elder, shared his testimony about ministry among the least of these. He did great. He is so authentic and a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy with a huge heart that is utterly transparent. Then off I went 3 hours back to Charlotte to see Narcie. It was a good thing that I got there when I did, because Narcie’s doctor came in and said he was discharging her. She looks great except for the long scar on the side of her head, but she’s herself and can move everything. She/we still need prayer warriors. They didn’t get all the tumor and we’re waiting for the pathology report for specific guidance in how to attack this thing. We really need it to be benign and low grade, slow growing, beatable!

Please, everyone, I want you to know how much our community means to us. I almost couldn’t take it last night and today during the times I was at conference. I could feel the brush of angel’s wings and they were yours. The Great Cloud of Witnesses humbled me to my barest soul, weak and overcome with emotion and fatigue. I keep remembering the scene at the end of Sally Fields’ movie, “Places in the Heart,” when there’s a sharing of communion that includes those who had already died. I couldn’t help but tear up as I saw you, and as I pondered Cindy’s parents, my parents, and a whole host of others cheering for Narcie from the other side.

I know we meet at different places and times at conference, but thanks be to God, the time and place are meaningless to eternity. This whole saga has put so much in perspective for me. I treasure my family and I treasure the church. I cannot imagine being in any other denomination, no offense to the rest of you, but United Methodism is a means of grace from God to me. Our connectional spirit is beyond anything to which I can compare it. I sincerely believe that if we will offer the world Christ’s grace through the vehicle of connectionalism and community then in the words of the movie, “Field of Dreams:” “People will come, People will most assuredly come.” Acts 2:42-47 is what I’m talking about. Read it. You know it and in these past days you have lived it for us. Thank you and keep praying. Tomorrow we will call the doctor, and I pray that we hear good news soon from the pathology report.

3 thoughts on “Places in the Heart

  1. >Praying, praying….please know we're all praying for strength for all of you, and for that report of "benign" and "slow-growing" to be what you hear. It was good to see you at Conference. I'm glad being there was uplifting.

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