Most of you know that my daughter, Rev. Narcie Jeter, had a seizure last weekend and has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She’s scheduled for more tests to determine how to best protect her motor skills during the surgery next Friday, June 11. We’re praying they don’t find the tumor! But, I’m more than a little like the dad who told Jesus about his child’s healing, “I believe, help my unbelief.” I’m on an emotional yo-yo. She’s my baby. I love her more than I can ever say. No offense to my two boys, but I have to agree with my late dad who said, “I would trade all 3 of you boys for 1 daughter.” I love all 3 of our children, but Narcie has been so special since day 1. Unfortunately for her, she’s the one most like me of our brood, and I am often sorry for her sake. Josh and Caleb are a grand mixture of Cindy and me, each with their own uniqueness and grand gifts. Narcie is a prophet. She reads people, nails it when things aren’t what they should be, but loves beyond her own strength to give love, and keeps on doing it.

Please pray for her. I am speechless from not knowing what or how to pray, and from tears as I read the support that you all are sending her way, my way, our way. The cadre of churches that we’ve been blessed to serve and fellow clergy that we call friends and colleagues has been an anchor in this storm. I am reminded that Jesus told his disciples he was going ahead of them to the other side of the lake. He doesn’t just get us to the middle and watch us drown. He gets us to the other side. I’m looking forward to Narcie being on the other side of this. I don’t care about me. I’m willing to die right now if I knew it would make her well. I feel that way about all of our children. Everyone who’s a parent knows what I’m talking about.

God is our parent and I know He didn’t cause this. I have taught theodicy enough at Candler to know all the pat cliched answers to why bad things happen to people and none of the answers is adequate. “It is what it is” doesn’t cut it either. We are people of faith so in “Casting Crowns” fashion, “I choose to listen and believe the VOICE OF TRUTH.” You, our family – biological, clergy, and fellow sojourners – have been God’s clarion call, God’s voice of truth. Keep talking to God for us, and keep encouraging Narcie. To follow what is going on with her and read the wise & wonderful words of my little girl, a strong woman of faith who has and will make a difference in many lives for years to come: Go to http://narciejeter.wordpress.com. Keep praying for her, Mike, Enoch & Evy. Thanks and I love you,

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