No Person Is an Island


Sometimes I am like the heron in this picture. To many I seem like an extrovert willing to jump either into life’s frays or frivolities. The real me is more introverted. I take solace on Mt. Mitchell or the sofa. I need my “cave time” more than I would like to admit. I can and will get involved, but my energy is replenished when I’m absolutely alone. I look forward to walking every morning in the darkness when it’s only me and God, no cars, and only the faint shadow of a heron in the rapids.
Today I got off my rock and headed down town to Zion Baptist and marched to the Statehouse for King Day at the Dome. MLK, Jr. could have stayed in “his place” on his rock, but he got involved. We need to do the same in South Carolina about the deplorable schools in the “Corridor of Shame,” payday lending abuses, the lowest cigarette tax in the US, and many more justice issues. I am grateful for those who have the led the rest of us by example.
For instance, I was glad last night when Sandra Bullock won a Golden Globe award for her performance in the movie, “The Blind Side.” It’s a great film that depicts a family that isn’t about blood or color. My mother came to mind as I watched the movie and last night. My mother became the legal guardian for an older African-American gentleman, Frank Arthur, before I was even born. He lived with us. We were his family and he was one of us. My mother’s adoption of Frank saved my life in high school at Strom Thurmond H.S. I was the only non-African American in Phys. Ed. class, and I didn’t know when to keep my mouth shut sometimes. I remember one occasion when I said something stupid and some of the bigger guys came to my rescue saying, “Leave Tim alone, he’s ‘Miss Sadie Emma’s’ son.” Her fair treatment of Frank and others protected me from myself.
I’m grateful for Mother’s witness about race. Thank God she got off her perch and did something for Frank and others. On this MLK Day I am reminded to do my part, too.

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