The New Normal

I was walking on Saturday morning in my daughter’s neighborhood. There’s not a lot of space between the houses or townhomes so there’s not much yard for kids to use for recreation. Something caught my attention in the semi-darkness of dawn. There was a basketball goal in the driveway of a small home, and there’s not a flat driveway in the whole neighborhood. You should have seen how that goal post and net tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
One thought as I walked by was about the need for a neighborhood playground or rec area. Another thought centered on some poor kid who winds up being a great basketball shooter in his own driveway on an off-kilter goal, only to be the worst shooter ever on a real basketball court because he’s spent too much time aiming at a target that’s off.
We set ourselves up for failure when we aim at the wrong targets. Our New Normal is off in our society. The normal for the kid with the lopsided basketball goal will not help his shooting when he gets on a real court with a level goal. It doesn’t do us any good either if we aim at wrong targets. We learn bad habits and think they’re okay or normal because that’s all we know.
My hope this week is not to yield to a New Normal but to the old but fresh standard of God: Scripture. If I don’t stay grounded in what God’s Word says then I end up yielding and conforming to the culture around me. I remember the days when I would walk out of a movie theater if certain words were used; now I hardly change the channel when the same words are on the TV. I’ve been conforming to the New Normal too much. I want to get back to God’s standard and stay there. That’s my goal this week.

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