Church: Exercise Without Endorphins

>Cindy and I had an adventure yesterday. We took her mom, who has been either bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound for the last 7 months, to a movie. She is improving and we’re getting close to her last hurrah. She has surgery a week from Friday, and who knows if she’ll make it in her condition.

Nevertheless, we had a great day, with a few tense moments. We took her to see the movie, “Julia & Julie” about Julie Powell cooking and blogging her way through Julia Child’s Mastering French Cooking. It was a feel-good flick that was authentic and amazing. Meryl Streep deserves the “Best Actress” Oscar.
The tense moments in the adventure were timing (it’s difficult to handle a wheelchair on a schedule, not to mention a frail 76-year-old), the thick traffic on Saturdays on Harbison Blvd. which is atrocious, and our sheer fatigue from long weeks at work. But we made it and it was worth it.
However, in the inimitable words of my dad, “They didn’t have to rock me to sleep last night,” meaning someone is so tired it’s an effortless thing to just hit the pillow and count down from 10 and you’re out. One cute thing happened as we grabbed a quck bite to eat on the way home though. The cashier mentioned how exhausted we looked (never a good sign). She asked if we had been doing yard work or something to tire us out. I said, “No, her mother in a wheel chair and a movie.” Cindy spoke up and said, “Yeah, but tomorrow is Sunday. It’s the day of rest.” Then I said, “We’ll go to church and have Sabbath.” The the profound words from the cashier: “Depends on the church. Some churches will tire you out, too. It depends on what they’re talking about.”
How unfortunately true! Some churches will wear you out no matter what they’re talking about, sometimes worse depending on the preacher’s words. Rather than being energized, it can be deflating. We/I need to do something about that. May it not be so today! Church shouldn’t be exercise without endorphins!

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