"The Bug or the Windshield"

I think it is a Mary Chapin Carpenter song that says, “Some days you feel like the bug, and some days you feel like the windshield.” Today I’m kind of between the two – I feel out of sorts. Plenty of good stuff is going on. There was no snow to keep me from the office this morning, and I’ll spend the afternoon with two pastors at the State Museum. Maybe tonight I’ll even get to see two of my favorite TV shows, Antiques Roadshow and House. This morning I had to meet with a lawyer about a clergy matter that is generating a lot of prayer. Cindy’s Mom had to go into the hopsital with a fractured back yesterday. She has osteoporosis and has been through this before, but she is more frail this time and the pain is awful again. She’s in a hospital where her bone doctors aren’t allowed to practice and needs to be transferred to where they can care for her, plus the doctor at this hospital who supposedly will work on her isn’t even on site. He’s snowed in, in Denver – which may be a good thing so we can get her transferred to the right hospital, but the process is convoluted enough to make you dizzy or absolutely trust in God.
All the crap is beyond our power or comprehension. Of course, others go and are going through worse stuff. I went last week to check on a preacher’s spouse in the hospital. She died yesterday. I went to the funeral of another clergyperson’s widow last week, too. Our son, Caleb, whom I love so much is doing his best to stay above water in his courses at USC, but made his first “F” on a paper in his life. He is struggling for faith and life everyday. He has a mid-term in the same course today. So here I am pondering the W.I.G.I.A.T. bumper sticker again – “Where IS God In All This? I know God doens’t cause pain, but does what God does best – help us get through it. That’s my weary prayer this morning – “Help Caleb, Dear Jesus; Help Ganny, Dear Jesus; Help Red Williams, Dear Jesus; Help Russell’s wife’s parents, Dear Jesus; Help our clergy, Dear Jesus; Help our churches, Dear Jesus; Help our country, the world, the poor, the President and everyone who needs help today, Dear Jesus. Amen

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